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Xbox Insider Spotlight: How Your Feedback Guides Preview Updates

As we mentioned in our “Best of 2017” post nearly two months ago, one of our biggest goals in the past year has been recognizing our Xbox Insiders for everything you do! Every one of you has helped shape the Xbox One console, services and game library by participating in the Xbox Insider Program. Last summer, we began rewarding actionable bug reports with XP, and now we want to double down on these efforts by highlighting the ways in which you impacted our recent 1802 Preview, specifically in regards to “Next Achievements” and “Scheduled Themes.”

Scheduled Themes

We announced this feature as part of the 1802 Preview last month, mentioning that “you asked, and we listened.” That’s right: Scheduled Themes were a product of Xbox Insider feedback we received back in September when the Light Theme became available on Xbox One.

Here’s some of the feedback that guided us, and we’ve made sure to attribute it to the Xbox Insiders who took the time to provide it:

  • “Maybe be able to set a timer. The light theme is very intense at night and it would be nice to be able to automatically switch from light to dark or vice versa during a certain time.”- E Mc Sq
  • “I’d like to see an option to automatically switch between Dark and Light themes based on the local time set in the Xbox One (with the correct time zone).” – lightsup55

As of now, this feature has not yet been released to our general audience, giving us more time to look into your feedback.

Next Achievements

The Next Achievements feature, which allows Xbox One users to view and sort a cross-games list of upcoming Achievements, was also influenced by its time in Preview. Specifically, the option to hide certain games and Achievements from the list was implemented after our teams received Xbox Insider feedback such as:

  • “I hid some games with 0 Gamerscore, but the Achievements showed up on the list. They should have been hidden.” – McLustig
  • “[We should] be able to hide Achievements from the list.” – Prewow

As always, we appreciate your feedback! Keep taking our system update and game-based Quests and Surveys, and we’ll keep listening.