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Bridge Constructor Portal Available Now on Xbox One

What’s going to be Portal in Bridge Constructor Portal?

You might ask yourself this question just as we did when we started to work on this game. Of course, we chose the Aperture Science Laboratories as the game’s setting to bring up good old memories. Also, GLaDOS had to be there to accompany and support the players in her typically charming way.

We also thought it would be paramount to expand the aspect of puzzle solving. In addition to getting creative with your constructions, we wanted the whole level layout to become a puzzle, just like in the Portal games.

Bridge Constructor Portal Screenshot

The Aperture Science test chambers really did the perfect job here: first of all, by placing several pairs of portals we were able to create complex and unusual, often even intersecting passages for the test vehicles.

We also filled the chambers with lots of fun Aperture Science technologies like catapults, bouncing gels, buttons and doors, cubes and energy pellets. In many cases, several of these mechanics are connected to each other, challenging players to figure out how to operate them and open up the way to the chamber’s exit.

Bridge Constructor Portal Screenshot

So, in addition to building bridges and ramps for the vehicles, players might need to do the following: Build an angled construction to redirect an energy pellet to a switch, that makes a cube dispenser drop a cube, that needs to be transported with a slide-like construction to a button in order to deactivate a laser field, that is blocking the way. Yeah, Rube Goldberg style!

We are very happy that Bridge Constructor Portal comes to Xbox One today on February 28! We would also like to thank all fans of the Bridge Constructor games for their immense support in the last couple of years. Without all of you, we would never have had the chance to work on this beloved project.