Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Screenshot Small Image

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Tips and Tricks

Hey Xbox Gamers, welcome to your first dive into Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, or more accurately, the name of the game within the game: Gun Gale Online.

For those familiar with the hit anime series, SWO: Fatal Bullet takes place at the start of the Phantom Bullet arc. You play as a newbie to GGO, recruited by your friend Kureha (Cure-rah-hey). After taking on your first quest, you stumble upon an extremely rare, newly implemented AI in the game: an ArFA-sys Type X, A.K.A., an artificial financial advisor system. This AI bonds to you immediately, becoming your (new) companion, leading you on quests as you and your new friends try to find more information on this mysterious NPC. So toss out your Nerve Gear and strap on your AmuSphere cause we‘ve got five tips to help you on this perilous journey! Simply click on the video embedded above to check them out. Link Start!

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