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Get Your Head in the Game with Deezer on Xbox One

We know music is a big part of your life, so we’ve teamed up with Deezer to bring your music to your games on Xbox One. Put together your own playlists, play the Halo soundtrack while you tear up Forza Motorsport, or put on your perfect kill-per-beat soundtrack because you’re now in control of over 53 million tracks in-game!

How does it work?

Add the Deezer app to your Xbox One and you’ll get lifetimes of music to play, search and add to playlists while you play. You’ll get thousands of hand-curated playlists and Flow, the personal soundtrack made just for you. You’ll be able to pause your game to bump up your BPM, or throw on Edwin Starr’s “War” to play alongside your epic boss-level battle scene. And, if you’re taking a break from your game to have friends over, you can play your music through your Xbox One even when you’re not gaming, so you can turn it up whatever you’re doing.

Can I try it?

If you’re rocking an Xbox One, you can use Deezer on your console. You’ll need a Deezer subscription so we’ve lined up a 90-day free trial if you haven’t tried it yet. Download the app here:

Take control of your game’s soundtrack today with Deezer.