Video For Discover Trove – Heroes Now on Xbox One

Discover Trove – Heroes Now on Xbox One

The whole Trove team has been anxiously awaiting this day for months: Trove – Heroes is now live!

Trove – Heroes is a big leap forward for Trove and is setting the foundation for much more to come. Explore an all-new land in Luminopolis. Join the Resistors as they fight against the Amperium who seek to spread their dastardly influence across all of Trove.

Trove - Heroes Screenshot

While Trove has long been a place to have fun and exciting adventures, Heroes is adding a new focus on storytelling. These new elements of the story are woven into the gameplay to allow players to learn more about the world of Trove as they explore Luminopolis and fight back the forces of the Amperium.

The cherry on top of this sundae of awesomness is the new Vanguardian class! This noble hero is the 16th Trove class. Fight for the Resistors and be a powerful addition to the ranks of those who refuse to bow down to the forces of shadow.

Trove - Heroes Screenshot

Trove – Heroes is a free-to-play voxel adventure MMO that lets you and your friends explore a massive world, build incredible wonders, take down a vast array of enemies in open world dungeons, collect thousands of items to customize your look, and so much more! We’re all incredibly proud of this massive update and the all-new adventures that lay ahead.

Trovians assemble!