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Emily Wants to Play Too Available Now on Xbox One

Hello, everyone, I’m Shawn Hitchcock, the guy that made Emily Wants to Play. I am here with another game in an attempt to excite and scare the heck out of you: Emily Wants to Play Too. Inspired by fans and my own fears, this sequel is bigger, has more story, more games, more monsters, and new scares.

I’m a big advocate of listening to fans. I watch videos, live streams, look at fan art, read the wikis, read reviews and comments about Emily Wants to Play all over the Internet. I don’t say much though; I just silently pay attention. Fans have mentioned how fun it would be if the first game was bigger, had more story, and more characters. I made sure Emily Wants to Play Too included all of that. The original cast is here, plus new monsters with new mechanics. It has new fun games within itself like freezie tags, hide and seek in the dark, and a Chester marathon. There ‘s even a speed run function programmed into the game, for those times you want to play as fast as possible.

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Emily Wants to Play Too is also built to scare you and your friends without violence or gore. I use special lighting, subtle sounds, and creepy visuals to create an ominous atmosphere. Walking around an area like an apartment or office should feel safe, but in Emily Wants to Play Too you will be continuously on edge. Sometimes you will be standing in the pitch dark, in complete silence, wondering what that loud thumping noise is that keeps getting closer and closer.

In Emily Wants to Play Too, the characters are scarier with more personality. I had envisioned them physically running around in the original game instead of “poofing” away, but I couldn’t pull it off. Now in the second game, the characters have the freedom to move anywhere, interacting with doors and lights. You can see them running around and hear their squeaky shoes or tiny doll footsteps.

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How did Emily get this way? Where did the dolls come from? How are the dolls alive? I’ve got a big story to tell, and I’m telling it piece by piece through the eyes of the characters you play in each game. In Emily Wants to Play Too, you play as a sandwich delivery guy. He heard about the pizza guy being trapped by dolls, and like everyone else thought the story must be fake. He will get stuck in an office with the dolls and find out for himself that they are alive. And after a while, Emily will also join in on the fun because Emily wants to play too! You need to play their games and stay alive throughout the night. Along the way, you can find information about Emily and the new characters. If you look hard enough, you may even find details about the original dolls and more.

Oh, let me warn you. As far as games go, you can’t trust me! It isn’t very fun for me to make a game where you give the player exact goals to follow. I would rather not give you hints or maybe even blatantly lie to you! I did add several hints, just not as clear and noticeable as you may like. If you get stuck in certain areas, make sure you try new ideas.

Emily Wants to Play Too Screenshot

Thank you for sticking around and reading my post. Come by and hang out with Emily, her dolls, and their new friends. Emily Wants to Play Too is available now on Xbox One.