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Choose Your Own Rewards in World of Tanks Throughout May

Back in 1969, legendary rock star and Rolling Stone Mick Jagger sang the words “you can’t always get what you want.” In hindsight, Mick Jagger had no possible way of anticipating World of Tanks newest prize giveaway event, and if he had, the song probably would have been a totally different animal.

Brace yourselves for Soviet Dream Machines, an all-out prize giveaway running all throughout the month of May. Through this event, players can try their hand at earning everything from XP boosting Ops to new Premium tanks, and even the almighty, coveted Soviet Hero, the Motherland! If you’re curious to find out how to take part and what’s up for grabs, look no further…

How to Play

The event will instantly unlock for everyone when it starts on May 1, with no extra legwork required. From there, it’s simply a matter of earning points towards the event from Multiplayer battles. As long as you’re using a vehicle that’s from Tiers III to X, if you’re in your team’s top five in terms of XP earned after a battle, you’ll earn points.

The amount of points earned varies depending on your placement: fourth or fifth place will earn you a single humble point, second or third place ramps up the point-earning to 3 points while hitting the top spot will get you a solid 5 points.

Prizes: Win the Mighty Motherland

When you’ve earned enough points, you can check your Ops tab to redeem your points against Drop Ops. These special Ops will cash in your points against ten different tiers of rewards, ranging from 15 points to 1,000 points. The lower prizing tiers will reward you with a selection of XP Boost Ops and Silver, whereas the higher prizing tiers will bestow a powerful platoon of Premium tanks on you.

The feisty new T-29 joins the game as the fifth tier of prizing available, but a mighty war machine lies in wait in the tenth tier… The Motherland is a famous Soviet tank that acts as a true badge of honor for commanders in World of Tanks, having attained a coveted, almost mythical status. This highly sought-after prize could be yours if you can accumulate 1,000 points throughout the month!

Even when you’ve cashed in your points against one of the Drop Ops and received your prizes, you can continue earning points while the event is active to work towards as many prizes as you want. As the saying goes, the sky’s the limit.

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Bonus Round: Soviet Ops

With Soviet Dream Machines shining the spotlight on the USSR in World of Tanks all month, a whole host of specials and Ops are prepped to go alongside them. With Soviet tanks about to become the biggest (and toughest) target in the game, the Lock On: Soviet Tanks Op allows players to earn Silver Boosts by taking out any Soviet vehicles they see. Turning the tables, the Soviet Predators Op invites players to use Soviet vehicles to seek and destroy 500 vehicles during the event to earn a shiny, coveted Soviet Patriot Medal.

And so it would appear that, contrary to what you may have heard on the radio, you can always get what you want. Or at least, you can from May 1 until May 28 during the Soviet Dream Machines event in World of Tanks. See you on the battlefield, commanders.