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New Preview Beta 1805 System Update – 5/4/18

Starting at 6:00 p.m. PDT today, members of the Xbox One Preview BETA Ring will begin receiving the latest Xbox One system update (1805.180430-1920). Read on for more about the New Features, fixes and known issues in the latest system update.

New Features:

The following new features are active in this build:

120Hz – Support for More Video Output Options

In this build Gamers with monitors and televisions that support a 120Hz refresh rate can now turn on 120Hz support for 1080p and 1440p output resolutions on Xbox One S and Xbox One X. This high refresh rate option means you can now take full advantage of displays with 120Hz capabilities. High refresh rate support can provide a smoother gaming experience and lower latency on some displays, and games may benefit from reduced tearing and stuttering via 120Hz output.

Connect with Gamers Across Xbox Live and Discord

You can now easily link your Xbox Live account to your Discord account from a Discord app (PC, mobile) and from the “linked social accounts” Setting menu on Xbox One. When you link Discord to your Xbox Live account, your Xbox Live presence will be shared across Discord, enabling friends and users in your same Discord servers to see what you are playing on Xbox Live. Keep in mind that your Presence will be shared with anyone on Discord, independently of your Privacy Settings on Xbox.

Please note for this feature to work you to do the following on an Android or iOS device.  Currently the Beta version of the Discord app on Android and iOS supports the account linking (the PC app in coming soon from the Discord team):

What you need to do on the console:

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts > Linked social accounts
  2. Select “Link” under Discord
  3. Follow the instruction in your screen to start the account linking process:
  4. Say ‘yes’ to the MSA consent dialog, allowing Xbox to share your information with Discord
  5. A 6 digit PIN code will show up in your console
  6. Go to your Discord app and insert the 6 digit code that shows up in your screen
  7. Accounts should now be linked and your Xbox presence will start being displayed in Discord
  8. If you say ‘no’ to the consent you’ll go back to settings, account won’t be linked

Improvements to the Xbox Accessories App

In this build we’re also modernizing the Xbox Accessories app to make it easier to navigate, and to look and feel more consistent with the rest of the Xbox One dashboard.

More Privacy Options

You will notice a change to the Login flow on the console that only occurs once when you first login. In the privacy settings menu, you can now also specify whether to send crash dump data for games and apps to Microsoft. We’ll also let you know about scenarios where we need to share your data with game developers, publishers, and other third parties so that you can play online. Finally, we’re giving you a way to close your Microsoft account, which will also remove you from others’ friends lists. Please note that these screens are not fully localized and you can move past them.  We will present them to all users again as we flight to ensure they are localized and users are fully aware of the content.

Trim Clips Directly in the Guide

Last month, we added a new sharing feature that helps gamers upload their captured screenshots and videos directly to Twitter. In this build, we’re improving on the sharing experience even further; you can now trim your recent game captures directly from the Guide, so you won’t need to switch to Upload Studio to make a quick cut to your saved clips.





  • We have fixed launch and activation issues in certain apps such as Hulu, Spotify and Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge

  • Stability and performance fixes for Microsoft Edge, specifically when multiple tabs or video are open.


Known Issues:



  • Some users may experience intermittent loss of Audio with certain configurations of AV receivers with ATMOS or with changing audio configurations during console use.
  • Some users may experience loss of Audio playing Final Fantasy XV Workaround to allow audio : Change audio settings to Stereo uncompressed, 7.1 uncompressed or Dolby Atmos for Home Theater and play the game



  • Work continues on the stability of the Wi-Fi connectivity.  If you see any issues please report the problems for investigation.



  • Pi-hole users may encounter issues signing in, creating, or recovering accounts upon downloading the 1804 update. This is due to a new configuration file which is downloaded from a URL Pi-hole blocks by default.
  • Workaround: Add clientconfig.passport.net to the Pi-hole allowed IP address list.


Profile Color

  • Sometimes users may encounter an incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.


Privacy Screens at Login not Localized

  • The two new screens that present themselves at login are not fully localized and you can move past them.  We will present them to all users again as we flight to ensure they are localized and users are fully aware of the content.



  • Some users are encountering an issue where their YouTube account is being signed out whenever they launch the app.
    • Workaround: Uninstall/re-install the app and sign in with your account again.