Xbox Ideas

Introducing Xbox Ideas, Driven by You

Hello Insiders! Those of you who have been following the blog for the last few months will recognize me from previous posts about Xbox Feedback, our site dedicated to using your suggestions to direct new features and updates based on your ideas.

Today I’m here to announce that Xbox Feedback is improving and moving: Xbox Feedback is now Xbox Ideas! If you’ve already been to the new Xbox Ideas site, you might notice that the site feels familiar. We’re continuing to use the UserVoice platform to collect your ideas, but—in order to maximize the impact of your suggestions—we are changing how you submit your ideas by introducing the concept of Idea Drives.

What is an Idea Drive?

An Idea Drive is a campaign that runs for a limited time (usually 1-3 months). Each Idea Drive will focus on a specific feature area or topic, sometimes with a limited number of ideas.

Phases of an Idea Drive

Idea Drive Phases

For most Idea Drives, there will be a Collection Phase where users can submit their own ideas about the feature.  For example, there is currently an Idea Drive for the Xbox Insider Program that is in the Collection Phase. The Idea Drive started with some ideas from Xbox Insider team members, but every day we’re adding more Ideas submitted by users.

Keep in mind that we very carefully moderate the list of ideas, and we will make edits for clarification on any ideas we accept. If you submit an idea that is a duplicate of an idea already posted, or if you submit an idea that is unrelated, it will not be posted to the Idea Drive.

Every Idea Drive will have a Voting Phase, submissions for new ideas are closed, and users are then encouraged to vote and comment. Our feature teams love these comments and read all of them, so comment away!

Finally, when voting ends, the Idea Drive will be closed but still visible on Xbox Ideas. During this time, our feature teams review the results of the drive. After the review, Idea Drive results will be posted on the Xbox Insider blog.

Future Idea Drives

The last feature on the site is the Idea Drive Suggestion Box. This is your opportunity to pitch an Idea Drive of your own. If there’s an area of Xbox that you want to help improve, please suggest the Idea Drive here. Just like the Idea Drive forums, this area is highly curated, and specific idea requests or unrelated posts will be removed, so please focus on suggesting general Idea Drives. If we pick your Idea Drive then you can post your Idea. One tip: including comments with your specific ideas is an effective way to get others excited for the Idea Drive and vote for it.

We’ve posted a list of frequently asked questions about Xbox Ideas over on the site, which you can find right here.  We’re looking forward to sharing our next big announcement as well as the results of our first Idea Drives, so keep an eye on this space!

Head over to the new Xbox Ideas site, powered by UserVoice, and make your voice heard.  Remember, Xbox Ideas is driven by you!