Gorogoa Small Image

Innovative Puzzle Game Gorogoa Available Now on Xbox One

If you’re wondering what Gorogoa is about, it’s a puzzle game where each tile or scene is interactive. As you advance through the story, you will need to solve progressively harder sequences between the tiles. Words don’t really do the gameplay justice, so check out the trailer above.

The original 2012 demo of the game is also unlocked once you complete the full game, where you can see how the art style has progressed, as well as similarities and differences with a few puzzle mechanics. There are also achievements to unlock as you play the game.

Gorogoa Animated Screenshot

It has been rewarding to see Gorogoa win a few awards over the past few months, including a BAFTA, and we’re happy to bring it to Xbox fans. We hope you enjoy the game, as many others have already had, and please follow @Gorogoa on Twitter for future updates.