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Mothergunship Demo Available Now on Xbox One – The Gun Crafting Range

Hello, Xbox fans! It’s been a while since we were here last time, but we are back with some great news! We’re very excited to announce that the Mothergunship demo is now available on Xbox One for those who want to get a glimpse of the game before its launch.

Mothergunship is a bullet-hell first-person shooter where you craft your own guns, fight gigantic bosses, play together with your friends, and defeat a robotic alien armada that conquered Earth.

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From the first time we showed Mothergunship publicly, experimentation with our crafting system was a key attraction, leading to long lines at trade shows and a lot of excited gamers showing off their creations to their buddies. This is why we decided to design a mini gun-crafting experience to give everyone else a taste of Mothergunship to tide them over until the game becomes available!

The demo, or Gun Crafting Range, as we officially call it, takes gun customization from Mothergunship and lets you have at it. Just use your imagination and creativity to build the gun of your dreams! Do you want a six chaingun-barrel gun with a ricochet cap attached to it that will fill the room with bouncing bullets? Go for it! Or you prefer something a bit more flamey with a bunch of flamethrower barrels? What if there were a part to turn that into a flamethrower jetpack gun? We do our best to put the tools in your hands and let you go wild!

Mothergunship Screenshot

Set inside a Resistance Training ships, you can use the available gun components to craft and test out your creations on a range filled with various enemies from the game. Collect parts from taking down enemies to continue the building process and create the most nonsensical monstrosity possible! During the week of the gun demo launch we’ll be sharing your creations on our social media pages, so be sure to show us what your mind is truly capable of. And who knows, maybe you will be among the lucky ones we like best. Maybe we have some goodies for those people!

Mothergunship is currently in development and will be released this summer on Xbox One. Until then, we hope you enjoy the Gun Crafting Range demo, and we can’t wait to see what kind of crazy combinations and guns you have built!