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Madden NFL 19 Coming to Xbox One August 10

After a thrilling draft and a loaded free agent market, it’s time to talk about the most important cog in the NFL offseason — Madden NFL 19 is coming to Xbox One August 10.

Building on the success of last season, Madden 19 is set to provide a new level of control to more game modes to make this the best season in franchise history.

The focus behind the enhancements in Madden 19 is the player and Madden community. We listened to Madden fans, and that feedback was at the center of everything when developing the game.

One big addition gamers will see this season will be improvements to player control. Real Player Motion (RPM) allows Madden 19 to deliver a more authentic playing experience with hyper-realistic animations. These amazing animations allow players to do things like push their blockers to gain tough yards and make quick, realistic cuts up-field after the catch.

Madden Ultimate Team is a popular game mode that allows players to build a roster filled with NFL legends, both past and present. MUT is not only unveiling a unique player progression system, but there are new ways to play with Solo Battles and MUT Squads vs. CPU.

Connected Franchise is a longtime Madden staple that takes gamers through what it’s like to run an NFL organization. It’s also getting an exciting update in Madden 19, which lets you more accurately set your team’s scheme and acquire players that fit the specific skill sets around that scheme.

There’s more to come before launch, too! Don’t miss football at its finest with Madden NFL 19 when it lands on Xbox One August 10. For all the latest news on Madden 19 and your favorite games, stay tuned to Xbox Wire.