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Birdcakes Available Now for Xbox One

Hello everyone! Greetings from Green Lava Studios. Located in lovely, sunny Costa Rica, we’ve been making games for about eight years now and with Birdcakes, we celebrate our second game on the Xbox One, along with Fenix Furia!

It’s been a long, winding road for us, but hey! We made it! We started looking to create games for companies and dreamt to be able to create our own IP in the future. Now, we do whatever we want really, as long as it’s fun and entertaining for us and the end user. We’re proud to welcome Pancake and Cherry, the protagonists of Birdcakes, into our Green Lava Family, and for gamers to see!

Birdcakes, like the name implies, is all about cupcakes that can fly. The idea and mechanics all came together from a game jam three years ago, where the character would fly and be able to light airborne bombs on fire. Naturally, the only smart, sensible option was to have a cupcake with wings and a lit candle. The prototype was so enjoyable that we decided to expand upon it, while still making a simple, fun game. Birdcakes eventually evolved into a cartoony, exaggerated art style with rhythmic, old-timey music and shooting mechanics.

To improve the prototype and create Birdcakes, we worked on a great camera that perfectly tracks the character randomized level designs with a fine procedural algorithm, various enemy types and bosses, and the store, which lets the player customize their own playstyle. You get those customization options with in-game coins (I personally equip the Fire candies, if that’s of any worth to anyone). This is of course, a very hardcore game, so expect constant, cartoony, cupcake-y death to be imminent.

Featuring two game modes, one of which will be unlocked after beating the game, Birdcakes is a fun sugary adventure that will test your skills. Remember that experimentation is key! We hope you can enjoy Bidcakes as much we loved making it!