New Preview Alpha 1806 System Update – 5/29/18

Starting at 2:00 p.m. PDT today, members of the Xbox One Preview Alpha Ring will begin receiving the latest Xbox One system update (1806.180524-1920). Read on for more about the features, fixes and known issues in the latest 1806 system update.

New Features:


Mixer Broadcasting

  • Users can now enable their camera to display full screen while broadcasting.




Activity Feed

  • Sharing an item to the Community Twist or sharing an item from the community will no longer cause a 15 second lag.


  • The focus glow will clip the Club Icon within the Club settings while in Light theme


  • Various localization issues fixed in this build.

Settings : Profile Pages

  • The Press Y To Search and Press Y to Refresh button options will clip one another within the Social tab

System Performance

  • Misc. performance fixes in the platform.


Known Issues:



  • A few users are still experiencing the blank names for Groups. Workaround: You may need to rename these Groups if the local reset did not clear up the issue for you.
  • The Groups tab My games & apps may not show after sign in even though you can access Groups in Guide. Workaround: Sign in / out to refresh these pages.
  • You may see “This group does not exist” on Home on first sign-in for your existing Groups. Workaround: Sign in / out to refresh these pages.
  • Some changes might not be reflected when editing Groups between multiple consoles after coming out of connected standby.  Sign in/out to fix.
  • Titles hidden from Ready to install will show up as an item you can add through the “Add more” or “Create a group” page
  • Choosing “Add to Home” for a game within a group will not add the block to Home
  • You may see issues roaming between a GA console and preview 1806 console. Workaround: Choose to reset your Groups locally to resync from the service.
  • Resetting Groups – local re-sync or reset everywhere: We’ve updated the reset button at the bottom of the Groups page in “My games & apps” so now you can delete your local Groups data and re-sync with the service. This will clear up a lot of issues that may have occurred due to bad states or if data is not showing up as expected. You can still delete from everywhere if you want a fresh start with Groups.
  • You may need to sign in / out for the pages to refresh afterwards.
  • Note: If you are still seeing issues after performing a local reset and/or sign in/out, please make sure to file a bug so the team can investigate

Profile Color

  • Sometimes users may encounter an incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.


  • Work continues on the stability of the Wi-Fi connectivity.  If you see any issues please report the problems for investigation.


  • Some users are encountering an issue where their YouTube account is being signed out whenever they launch the app.
  • Workaround: Uninstall/re-install the app and sign in with your account again.