E3 2018: Announcing Just Cause 4 for Xbox One

Hey everyone! We’re so happy to finally announce Just Cause 4.

Everything you loved about Just Cause returns alongside new ground-breaking features, a wide variety of tools, and is quite possibly the most ambitious game we’ve ever made.

Insane physics and unmatched levels of destruction are back, along with Rico’s trademark parachute, wingsuit, and grapple. The world of Solís is incredibly rich and diverse with four distinct areas that offer continuous variety, unique gameplay opportunities, and numerous characters to discover.

Just Cause 4 Tornado

Earth Shattering

Simply put, the extreme weather in Just Cause 4 is a game-changer — you’ve never seen anything like this in a video game. Our new Apex engine has been pushed to the max by introducing real physics simulations that completely alter gameplay, allowing for more detailed, dense, and better-than-ever destruction.

Giant ground-shaking explosions are just the start in Just Cause 4. Tornados rip through the world, tearing bridges apart, dismantling airplanes mid-flight, and sending huge pieces of debris flying. Hurricane winds with torrential rain and lightning engulf Solís in a tropical storm, while sandstorms and blizzards with incredibly powerful winds will both hinder and help the player.

Extreme weather is not only visually stunning but opens brand-new gameplay opportunities. It feels powerful — and when played expertly — Rico can use it to his advantage. For example: lightning will strike the highest object in your proximity, so airlifting an enemy up into the sky is a great way of expertly dealing with The Black Hand.

Just Cause 4 Rocket Helicopter

Grapple Hook Creativity

Rico’s iconic grapple hook returns in Just Cause 4 and is now massively enhanced and fully customizable. By introducing brand-new functionality, this makes the new grapple hook the most powerful and creative tool the player has ever had.

These grapple hook upgrades open a whole host of unique, varied, and creative stunts. You can customize all parameters of the grapple hook, as you can now wield so many more tethers compared to Just Cause 3. Boosters and retractors are back to complement the new airlifter function, enabling you to run wild with imaginative, heart-stopping stunts.

Airlifters will radically change the way you play Just Cause 4. You can make objects and living things of all weights and sizes fly into the sky or hang in the air. During E3, you will see amazing examples of how the Airlifters are so much fun to use. Flying boats and rocket llamas are just the tip of the iceberg as the creative options are truly endless.

The Black Hand

Although we’ve upgraded Rico’s arsenal, The Black Hand are more advanced than ever before. You’ll encounter various enemies that will force you to alter your gameplay tactics. Ghost units use optical camouflage to become invisible, machine gunners use explosive resistant shields that will fold out from their weapon, and Titans will use a railgun that can knock Rico from the sky. The leader of The Black Hand is Gabriela Morales, Rico’s deadliest adversary yet.

Although this is Rico’s biggest challenge ever, players will have complete freedom to approach each situation from any angle, in any order, and in any way, they choose.

There’s so much more to Just Cause 4 than mentioned in this post and we can’t wait to share more about Just Cause 4 in the months to come. For all the latest Just Cause 4 content, visit our Just Cause 4 YouTube channel. Also, starting June 12, Square Enix will present the Just Cause 4 E3 Blowout live from the Los Angeles Convention Center. Our 3-day stream will feature exclusive content, video premieres from world famous YouTubers, brand-new Just Cause 4 gameplay content and exclusive developer interviews.