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Show Off Your Xbox Insider Knowledge and Earn XP as an Xbox Ambassador

Hi, all! We tend to post news and updates that are most useful to current Xbox Insiders, but we like to think of the Xbox Insider Blog as a cool place for all Xbox fans. With that in mind, we want to encourage you all to learn more about two programs built around furthering Team Xbox’s commitment to their community: the first is, of course, the Xbox Insider Program, and the second is the Xbox Ambassadors Program.

Want to learn more about both programs? Thanks to a partnership between the Xbox Insider and Xbox Ambassadors teams, you can do that even more simply! Simply head on over to the newly-designed Xbox Ambassadors website, where you can connect with and share your expertise with other Xbox fans. Whether you’re already an Xbox Ambassador, or choose to join their ranks after reading this blog post, you can visit the Academy (found in the “Activities” dropdown) to earn XP as an Ambassador by showing off your Xbox Insider knowledge.

How to Join the Xbox Insider Program Quiz

Currently, Xbox Ambassadors can complete two quizzes to test their knowledge on all things Xbox Insider. The first is a primer launched a few months ago and entitled “Intro to the Xbox Insider Program,” and the second is brand new today and provides specific information on “How to Join the Xbox Insider Program.”

Take the new Xbox Ambassadors website for a spin, learn more about what it means to be an Xbox Insider, and make sure to stop by the Xbox Insider Hub to complete any available Quests and Surveys!