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Tips and Tricks for Breaking into the Challenging World of 20XX

Hi there! 20XX, out today, is an action-platformer roguelite that plays like the 2D sidescrolling platformers of yesteryear, but with random level generation so it’s always fresh, and co-op so you can play it with a friend! If you’re reading this, you’ve either jumped into 20XX and gotten whomped a few times, or you’re really excited to. 20XX is a very knowledge-based game; the more you know about the game’s ecosystem, the better prepared you’ll be for every Job you undertake. While 20XX is a challenging game, its wide range of difficulty options make it accessible to any gamer looking for an action platforming challenge. Here are a few nuggets to help you get going.

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Use Boss Powers

When you defeat a boss, you’ll have the option to take his power, some nuts (currency), or a stat-boosting Augs. It’s tempting to take the known quantity – money’s always good, and a damage or health boost can be really handy – but until you know enough about each power to know which ones you don’t want, try them out! Powers make every contractor’s life easier – each either deals excellent damage, helps keep you safe, or both. In addition, powers each have two special properties.

1) Each boss has one power they’re weak to (learning this cycle will make your life a lot easier)
2) Each power has a bonus utility effect. For example: the Boomerang Blade (from the Rollster boss) can pick up items for you, and the Force Nova (from Vile Visage) can destroy Skytemple’s laser pairs! Learning to effectively use 20XX‘s powers is a big piece of getting good at the game

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Manage your Nuts

As you find nuts from slain enemies and destroyed crates, it can be tempting to spend them at every opportunity. The allure of spending three nuts per health to top off at a Green Machine is strong, but sometimes it’s better to resist unless you really need it. Spent wisely, your nuts can buy you powerful Augs to complement the way your character develops over the course of a run; spent poorly, your nuts can buy you items you don’t need and make you very sad. Knowing what Augs could be coming in a nearby shop — and knowing when to save for them — will dramatically improve your play.

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Beware of Prototypes

Every so often, the game will offer you the chance to enter a Very Safe Lab. These labs are not very safe, or even a little bit safe, as their spooky music might indicate. The prototype Augs offered in these areas offer great power at a great cost; each has specific situations where it’s very useful, but careless acquisition of prototypes is sure to doom your run. Nothing’s worse than picking up Focusing Sagelens (massive boost to power damage, but basic attacks are almost useless) when you either have no boss power or no energy to use them with, but with the right setup, the Sagelens is a potent damage boost. Think before you pick them up!

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Pay Attention to Stage Order

20XX‘s levels are randomly generated, but in most cases, you’ll still have some control over which stage and theme comes next. Each stage theme evolves over the course of a playthrough, and it’s important to make sure you have the tools you need to tackle the later stages of the game. If Skytemple gives you trouble, taking Force Nova (to disable its laser pairs) or picking Skytemple early will make your runs much easier.

Good luck learning the intricacies of 20XX. We hope these tips help ease you in.