A few changes to the Report a problem categories

Hello, Xbox Insiders!

We frequently get questions like “What category should I report this issue under?” from users who are looking to submit feedback. In our continuing efforts to help you submit feedback while participating in the Xbox Insider Program, we’re making some changes to the “Report a problem” tool to help you better locate the proper categories for submitting your feedback. Our first step in simplifying this process requires we make some changes to the categories present in the “Report a problem” tool, and you’ll begin seeing those changes starting today.

Another upcoming prominent change you might notice when launching the tool is a section devoted to content that is currently in preview. This section will become available as content becomes available to the public.

We know it might take a little time for you to adjust to the changes, but we’re hoping that they’ll make much better sense to you when you’re trying to report an issue with a game/app/update.

Thanks so much for all you do and especially for your continued feedback!