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Invade Classic Films as a Cosmic Quartet of Aliens in Epic Loon, Out Now on Xbox One

Epic Loon is about a geek cinephile named Joe, whose prized VHS collection won’t play on his VCR. Little does he know that the VHS cleaner tape he purchased to remedy this problem is housing 4 evil (and questionably intelligent) aliens named CAP, TRI, GRO, and BOU. As revenge for being awoken from their slumber, the “Cosmic Quartet” makes its way through some of Joe’s favorite movies, ruining his favorite scenes and permanently altering the endings.

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It’s up to you and up to three other players to dodge Joe’s remote-controlled attacks as you make your way toward the portals in each film scene you invade!

Ukuza and Macrales Studio are incredibly proud to finally launch their 2D 4-player couch co-op platformer, Epic Loon! After 3 years of endless testing, tweaking, and tequila-fueled tizzies, what started as a simple test of physics on random shapes on a screen has turned into an all-out raunchy ride through the movies. We’ve already seen so many of your reviews and gameplay videos, and we’re so happy people are having such a good time with our wacky platformer!

Epic Loon Screenshot

Want a leg up on your pals who couldn’t be bothered to read this blog post? When you start your first foray into the movies, press X to transform your alien, and when your alien’s eye is pointed in the direction you want to go, press A to launch! Pro-tip: un-transform in mid-air by pressing X again to give yourself the occasional slowdown you’ll need in this physics-driven 2D platformer! You can also press Y when you absolutely need to… but rather than give away what it does, we’ll let you see for yourself!

From everyone on our team, thank you for checking out our epic, loony game! We’ll see you at the movies, earthlings!