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Five Pro Tips to Survive the Creative World of TerraTech, Out Now on Xbox One

We’re insanely excited to release TerraTech on Xbox One, but we couldn’t let ourselves launch it without giving future prospectors some top tips before they head out into the endless, procedurally-generated world of TerraTech.

1 – Hide Your Cab

Our first tip for survival in TerraTech is: hide your cab!

When you start campaign mode, the first thing you’re told is to protect your cab at all costs. Most players then go on to place their cabs at the front of their Techs, completely vulnerable and open to attack, resulting in quicker and more frequent defeats. Instead, try building around your cab and making it the center of your Tech.

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2 – Mimic Real Vehicles

TerraTech is a physics-based game, and that means you’re going to have to build vehicles that would function in real life.

If you take away one wheel from a car, it would drag and hardly move. If you build a plane with heavy material, you will find it harder to fly high. It’s just the same in TerraTech!

If you want to go for a more abstract Tech, make sure there is enough support – be it Venture Gyros if it falls over or trailer wheels for extra mobility.

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3 – Build Your Bases on High Ground

As you explore the procedurally-generated map, you’ll come across plenty of places to build your bases up high and away from the threat of roaming enemies. Choose from mountains, mesas, and monuments to build on top of.

4 – Don’t be Afraid to Self-Destruct in Multiplayer

It sounds counter-productive, but multiplayer is all about strategy – you gotta give a little to gain a lot.

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After driving over the pile of blocks and guns that players have lost after being blown up, your inventory will be full of useful stuff. Once you hit self-destruct, you’ll return to your safe building bubble with all of your new loot and a fresh cab.

This is particularly awesome when you’ve snatched up a bunch of Hawkeye Camo Pack skin blocks, a free DLC pack exclusive to Xbox One players only to be used in multiplayer.

TerraTech Screenshot

5 – Bubble Up

You wouldn’t head out to battle without your armor, would you? Kit yourself out with Regen and Shield bubbles, and enemies will find it harder to break you down.

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