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See Maps and Multiplayer in Action in New Battlefield V Trailer

We’re only weeks away from the Battlefield V open beta, and the latest trailer shows the four debuting maps set early in World War II. The trailer’s packed with shots of heated battles showcasing improvements of game mechanics central to the Battlefield franchise, like chaotic 64-player battles, supreme destruction, and signature rock-paper-scissors gameplay that rewards skill and strategy. Want more details around the Devastation of Rotterdam trailer? Let’s get to it!

New Maps: Rotterdam, Devastation, Twisted Steel, and Hamada

Our maps debuting in this trailer are inspired by the earliest battlefields of the Second World War. The first scenes take place on the Rotterdam map. This map is inspired by the imperiled city in Holland during May 1940. German invading forces met fierce opposition from the Dutch military, turning beautiful scenes into harried destruction and explosions. The Rotterdam map takes cues from the design of an earlier Battlefield 3 map, too, in a nice franchise shout-out, but is mostly based on the Battlefield DICE team’s extensive archival research.

Devastation is the second map shown in the trailer and takes us into the aftermath of the blitz of Rotterdam by the German forces. The ruined streets are built with the game’s dynamic destruction, which means that as time passes, shattered buildings continue to crack, shift, and fall.

The Rotterdam and Devastation maps will be featured the Battle of Holland, an early grand Operation where you can take your Squad across a themed multiplayer experience built on multiple Battlefield V maps and modes.

BFV gamescom Screenshot

The upended French countryside is the location for the next Battlefield V map the trailer brings to life, Twisted Steel. This map takes place during the initial invasion of France and is characterized by uneven, open marshes and sporadic dense thickets of trees. The enormous bridge that oversees Twisted Steel also takes the title as the largest structure ever modeled in a Battlefield game.

Finally, that intense exchange of tank warfare seen at the tail-end of this trailer is the Hamada map, one of two North Africa maps available at launch. This map is influenced by the Halfaya Pass, a strategic point between Libya and Egypt and the scene of pivotal battles between Axis and Allies during 1941 and 1942.

New Maneuvers on Display

Improved soldier movement means there are more ways to stay and fight together. Roll and dive through obstacles to lay down cover fire for an ally who’s pinned, or leap through windows to make a desperate escape. Sprint while crouching to reach a fallen squad member faster and shoot alongside teammates from clever positions to keep the enemy guessing. All the moves you see, you can do in the game.

Also captured in this trailer are the concussive affects that explosions will have on nearby soldiers, blowing them off their feet. To help heighten immersion, the battlefield seen from the third-person perspective will show soldier models crashing into cover and trudging through environments differently, too. Some movements are subtle, so keep a close eye on the trailer to see the new maneuvers.

BFV gamescom Screenshot

Work Together for Reinforcements

That soaring object in the air, that turns the historic Rotterdam city center into a firestorm, is non-other than the V-1 Rocket. This is one of several Reinforcements in Battlefield V that can reset the course of battle. Squad play means deeper strategy, so play the objective together to earn these types of heavy-duty Reinforcements.

Supply drops, smoke screens, and the flame-throwing Churchill Crocodile tank are other Reinforcements that will be available at launch.

More Vehicles and Aircraft

Throughout the trailer, don’t miss the quick displays of the arsenal of customized vehicles and aircraft you can collect as part of The Company. Seen from the cockpit of an advancing tank or from the planes diving through fiery plumes of smoke, you’ll be able to upgrade these vehicles and aircraft to fit their play style.

Battlefield V is a massive game and there are much more clues in this latest trailer to what’s coming at launch.

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Deploy on Xbox One starting October 16 for Battlefield V Deluxe Edition early enlister access, and October 19 for the Battlefield V Standard Edition. Pre-order and grab your copy of Battlefield V for Xbox One today.

Editor’s Note: We have updated this post at the request of the publisher to accurately reflect the map names featured in this Battlefield V trailer.