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Skyforge Battle Royale Sends Players to the Battleground

With Skyforge, we established the world of Aelion, a place where tech meets the divine where you play as an immortal and work your way up to become Junior and Elder Gods.

Throughout your journey, you can find Adepts, mortal citizens that worship and pray for you. At the moment those non-playable characters can be sent on small adventures for resources and tidbits of story features; our writers made sure that our players will have a good laugh reading those.

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We looked at our current setup of Adepts thought the game and examined how to evolve it into something more meaningful. Then we came to the idea of a battle royale mode where normal citizens fight against each other in a simulated world (they are mortal after all), for the status of becoming an adept. Imagine it being the new entrance exam, created by the gods.

Skyforge Battle Royale is a new game activity, which unlike our other events doesn’t require any character progression or experience to play. It should be interesting for both new players and for the core Skyforge community alike.

When you launch this mode you will be presented with unique heroes specifically designed for the battle royale adventure. Each of them has its own set of skills and a refined design, which can be customized with skins. Players can choose a hero specific to their preferred playstyle and use the skills to hunt down other players or even neutral enemies and monsters. At the launch of this mode, we will support duos and teams of four.

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We completely reworked the aiming system compared to experience from Skyforge to make it feel more like an action game and less like an MMORPG. Items and weapons have less of an auto-aim to make it more rewarding when you fight in the thicket and try to aim.

In the future, we want to expand this unique mode with more new heroes, new skills, and add different types of PvE encounters.

We hope you give Skyforge Battle Royal a shot and let us know on social media what you think.