Video For Alex Hunter Competes on the Biggest Stage in FIFA 19

Alex Hunter Competes on the Biggest Stage in FIFA 19

We first met young football phenomenon Alex Hunter in The Journey, the groundbreaking story mode introduced in FIFA 17. Alex began his story as a kid with big dreams, hoping to fill the boots of his father and grandfather, both of whom were professional footballers in their youth. Alex eventually signs for a top Premier League club, spends time on loan in the English Championship, and even makes a high-profile move to Major League Soccer in the United States.

Alex makes a dream move to Real Madrid ahead of The Journey: Champions (FIFA 19), where he will get to compete in the biggest club competition in world football: the UEFA Champions League. In this third and final chapter of Alex’s story, we get to see him achieve one of his most important goals alongside two more main characters that we’ve met throughout the story.

Danny Williams, Alex’s rival-turned-best-friend, is back as a fully playable character this year, and will also make an attempt to compete at the sport’s highest levels in the Premier League and Champions League. Additionally, we met Alex’s half-sister Kim Hunter in The Journey: Hunter Returns (FIFA 18), and saw her achieve her own dreams by earning her first caps for the United States Women’s National Team. In The Journey: Champions, Kim is trying to achieve her next goal—getting a call-up to the USWNT for the Women’s World Cup.

All three characters have playable stories in FIFA 19, and you can swap between them throughout the story, or just play one at a time. How you wrap up this exciting saga is entirely up to you.