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Tense Multiplayer FPS Hunt: Showdown Coming Soon to Xbox Game Preview

It all started with Crysis, the game that put Crytek on the map as an innovator, a computer-melter, and as a company of people passionate about first-person shooters.

19 years later and we’ve returned to those roots, with a genre-mashing, atmospheric, tension-filled FPS called Hunt: Showdown and we’re very excited to announce that it’s coming soon to Xbox Game Preview.

For the unfamiliar, Hunt: Showdown is a competitive first-person bounty hunting game that combines elements from match-based shooters and survival games into a unique gaming experience. Every match pits up to 10 players — playing solo or in teams of two — against each other as they fight for bounty by taking out the evil that is lurking in the swamps. But once players have taken a bounty, they become a target for every other Hunter left on the map, and the real showdown begins.

But that isn’t how the game started. In fact, when development first began, Hunt was a third-person game, with a totally different visual aesthetic. Then when we started production at the Crytek headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, we had to decide where to take the title. Continue on in the original direction, or play to our Frankfurt studio’s strengths and change the game to fit our skill set.

In the end, we decided to play to our strengths — this is the studio that made Crysis after all — and make Hunt into the dark and dangerous first-person shooter it has become. Basically, we wanted to combine elements from all of our favorite genres and make the game we’d always wanted to play.

The next step in the Hunt journey is bringing the game to Xbox One. We want Hunt development to be community-driven, and an Xbox Game Preview release allows us to base further development on player feedback as we test and refine new features, equipment, settings, and cast. The dialogue between Hunt players and Hunt developers is crucial to creating a fun experience, and we look forward to hearing what Xbox players have to say about the game.

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