Halo Silent Storm Small Image

Prepare for “Halo: Silent Storm” with the Voice of John-117

Earlier this year, fans were given an initial look at the upcoming novel “Halo: Silent Storm – A Master Chief Story.” As the first novel to focus on the franchise’s most iconic hero in nearly a decade, anticipation is high to revisit the early career of John-117 when the book debuts on September 4.

“Halo: Silent Storm” is penned by New York Times Bestselling author Troy Denning, with the audiobook narrated by critically acclaimed and veteran Halo narrator Scott Brick. The story brings readers alongside the Master Chief and his Spartan-II teammates on Blue Team – Fred-104, Kelly-087, and Linda-058 – during a harrowing mission early in the Covenant War. Here’s just a taste of what to expect…

“This is a desperate mission. There’s no denying it. But the UNSC needs time to develop effective countermeasures against Covenant technology, and it’s your job to buy that time. You need to make the alien commanders afraid of us. You need to convince them that humans are crazy, that anytime a Covenant fleet outruns its support or fails to consolidate its advances, we will find a way to make it pay.”

We’re not the only ones excited about revisiting humanity’s epic struggle through the eyes of its greatest hero – so is the legendary voice behind those timeless adventures. That’s why Steve Downes – the voice of John-117 – has joined us in bringing “Halo: Silent Storm” to life with a small excerpt voiced in his own heroic tone. Experience it yourself by clicking on the video below!

“Halo: Silent Storm” is available for preorder now and slated for release on September 4 both digitally and in a beautiful premium hardcover.

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