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TERA Launches Two End-of-Summer Events

The world of TERA is a magical place full of many wondrous beings, dire dangers, and fantastic adventures—an action-packed MMO universe where magic, science, gods, and monsters cross paths on a regular basis.

Sometimes, though, it’s a lot like our own. Case in point, the festivals of Rootstock and Pond Faire are a time where people of all races come together to celebrate peace and harmony with intense competitions and displays of skill.

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First off, there’s Rootstock, tucked into the Freeholds area just north of Chebika in the province of Val Aureum. Rootstock celebrates farm life and the harvest, so get ready to gather exotic ingredients from the surrounding farms and cook up a big mess of stat-boosting consumables. You can also participate in two exciting mini-games, Kick-Bale and Pigling Rodeo, to win rare recipes for even more powerful consumables!

And over on the continent of Arun, visit scenic Tuwangi Mire, where Pond Faire celebrates the birthdays of the seven tuwangi chieftains! Bang a drum, play Hide-and-Seek, and help the tuwangis throw the best party ever!

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As an added bonus, completing all the quests and achievements for these two festivals helps you unlock the elusive Moonlight Silk flying carpet mount, building on what you did in the Festival of the Sun and Beach Party earlier in the year!

So come join us for season of celebration you’ll never forget!

TERAs Rootstock and Pond Faire in-game events are going on now through Sunday, September 30.