Don’t Sink Is Now Available For Xbox One

Xbox Live

Don't Sink

Studio Eris

GAMEPLAY • Explore a massive world with unique islands and landscapes. Discuss rumors and discover the origins of each island by talking to the people that live there • Expect the unexpected when at sea. Events you may be unprepared for may occur such as a foodborne illness among your crew. You'll need to have access to the right supplies and have the experience to keep your ship afloat • A casual but real challenge - While simple to pickup and understand, there are numerous events that only an experienced swashbuckler will be prepared for. This makes the game more satisfying for long term pirates • Thoughtfully executed cutscenes that help to bring the world to life as well as reward pirates that explore MORE FEATURES • Sailing between islands is necessary to expand your control over the world and to increase your reputation • Tending to the morale, hunger, and thirst of your crew will require you to maintain a supply of food/water and consider whether or not rationing food is required during long journeys • Governing islands you've conquered is a difficult responsibility as you will need to solve economic issues before they get out of hand • Purchase larger ships as you fight your way through the sea. Famously powerful vessels such as the Galleon and Man of War are but a few of the available ships

Product Info:
Developer: Studio Eris
Publisher: Studio Eris
Website: Don’t Sink
Twitter: @Seabass_N