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Introducing a Trio of New Xbox Idea Drives

Hello, Xbox Insiders! We’ve got several new Idea Drives available, and we’re looking for your input and participation. As you know, Idea Drives are focused on a specific feature area or topic, and they contain three different phases (Collection, Voting and Results). We’re excited about our newest Idea Drives and hope you will be, too!  

Idea Drive

We’ve provided a quick glance at the new Ideas Drives below, but we’d suggest heading over to the Xbox Ideas site to see for yourself.   

Gamer Profile 

How do you want to be represented to fellow gamers? Do you want to highlight specific stats, achievements or favorite games? Are there other social media accounts you’d like to share to better show off your passion for gaming? These are just a few of the things Team Xbox is looking for your input on when it comes to your Gamer Profile. 

Game Pass Tab

Xbox Game Pass 

Whether you’re an Xbox Game Pass member or someone just interested in gaming in general, the Xbox Game Pass team is looking for your suggestions on how you’d like to be able to find new titles entering and leaving Game Pass. We’d love to hear from you on how we can best inform you of new and existing titles as well as how we can make it easier for you to manage your Game Pass library. 

Family Settings Page

Family Settings & Child Accounts 

Team Xbox is looking for your input on what improvements can be made to how you manage child accounts and family settings. Are there any specific activities you’d like to be able to exclude from screen time limits? What kinds of permissions would you like more control over? These are just a few of the types of suggestions we’re looking for to help improve how you manage your Family and Child Accounts.