Become the Best in Fishing Sim World on Xbox One

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Whatever your favorite discipline of fishing is, tournaments are becoming more popular and more rewarding in this great sport! Fishing Sim World reflects the competitive element, allowing you take part in live tournaments against opponents from around the world.

The Dovetail Fishing League (DFL) is waiting for you to enter as you compete with fellow anglers across the world in individual events for the glory of being crowned Angler of the Month. The DFL consists of multiple events split across four different series.

Fishing Sim World Screenshot

The four different series reflect the four styles of fishing in Fishing Sim World. First up, we have the Big Bass Tour which is all about the total weight of your five biggest bass.

The Predator Challenge is the total length of all predatory fish caught whereas the Carp Championship is the total weight of all carp that are caught. Finally, the Match Series is fast and furious where the total number of all fish caught decides where you rank. Each of the series has its own season leaderboards with points earned added together to determine your position in the Global Season Leaderboard.

Away from the DFL, players can also opt to fish with friends in 4-player multiplayer. Set the parameters of your session before fishing together as a team or battling it out as individuals comparing catches on real-time leaderboards as well as communicating via voice chat with your friends.

Pick up Fishing Sim World today on Xbox One from the Microsoft Store.