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Hit ‘em Hard and Fast with the Assault and Support Classes of Battlefield V

If you’ve ever geared up and hit the front lines in a previous Battlefield game, you’re probably familiar with the four iconic Classes available in the series. Recon, Support, Assault, and Medic are back in Battlefield V, each with their own weapons and gadgets plus a new set of traits to add even more depth to the Classes, Combat Roles. Let’s start by digging a little deeper into the Assault and Support Classes, what they bring to your squad, their strengths, and weaknesses on the battlefield, and how the Combat Roles add more flexibility in battle.

Battlefield V Assault Class

Assault Class Overview

Want to be right down in the thick of every firefight? Assault may be the perfect choice for you. This Class offers a balance of offense and defense and is deadly in close or medium-range battles. It’s the ideal choice to take out an infantry assault or enemy vehicle but beware sniper fire by staying as close to cover as possible.

Assault Arsenal

Rifles are this Class’ bread and butter, but Assault also really loves things that go boom. Here are the weapons and gadgets available to this Class.

Primary Weapons

  • Assault Rifles
  • Semi-automatic Rifles

Starter Gadgets

  • Rifle Grenade Launcher
  • Sticky Dynamite

Battlefield V Assault Class

Assault Combat Roles

You’ll get to choose from two Combat Roles for this Class. One comes equipped at launch as a default and the other you’ll need to unlock during your Battlefield V career, with more available later. The key is to choose the Combat Role and associated loadout that best suits your playstyle, and you can always switch them when you need to.

Light Infantry

This default Combat Role is perfect for players with a tendency to run towards gunfire rather than away from it. When you’re in the thick of battle, two things will keep you alive long enough to help your squad win the day – health and ammo. And those are precisely what this Combat Role will supply you with.


  • Scavenger: Roll your enemies (and fallen comrades) for additional ammo.
  • Battle Hardened: Regain a higher amount of Health than other Combat Roles.

Tank Buster

This one you’ll have to unlock, but trust us, it’s worth it. The rumbling growl of an oncoming enemy tank may send some of your squad scrambling, but not you. With Tank Buster, you can coolly fire at these metal monstrosities and when you hit them, automatically spot them to everyone on your team. Take out a vehicle, and your squad will score extra Requisition Points, letting you call in Reinforcements like your own tanks, V-1 rockets, and more even faster.


  • Tank Painter: Damage an enemy vehicle, and it’s automatically spotted.
  • Tank Scrapper: Get extra Requisition Points for every vehicle you destroy.

Battlefield V Support Class

Support Class Overview

If you like construction as much as destruction, the Support Class may be a good fit for you. They make building advanced Fortifications, and machine gun emplacements look easy. And when it comes to keeping their teammates resupplied between objectives, nobody can beat the Support Class. And the best part? They get to tote the big guns of Battlefield V like Light Machine Guns (LMG), and Medium Machine Guns (MMG).

Support Class Arsenal

Whether they’re laying down heavy suppressing fire with a machine gun or defending Fortifications with an anti-tank mine, Support’s main job is to keep their squad supplied with enough Ammo Pouches to stay in the fight.

Primary Weapons

  • Light Machine Guns
  • Medium Machine Guns

Starter Gadgets

  • Anti-tank Mine
  • Ammo Pouch

Battlefield V Support Class

Support Combat Roles

Again, you’ll get to choose from two Combat Roles for this Class. One is equipped at launch as a default and the other you’ll need to unlock during your Battlefield V career (with more available later). Choose the Combat Role and associated loadout that best suits your playstyle; you can always change them if you need to.


If you want to lock down a location in a hurry, this base Combat Role will help you get it done by building Fortifications faster than any other Class or Combat Role. Vehicle damaged in a firefight? Guess who’s got the tools and talent to get it back into the fight.

And when it comes to the big guns, you’ll be able to fire from the top and port guns for a longer period before they need to cool down with the Engineer Combat Role.


  • Vehicle Fixer: Repair vehicles and build Fortifications faster than other Support Combat Roles.
  • Heavy Weapons Expert: Static and mounted vehicle weapons are your specialty, and you can fire them longer before they overheat.

Machine Gunner

This unlockable Combat Role is self-explanatory, it’s all about laying down enough fire to stop your enemies in their tracks and automatically spotting them to make survivors easy pickings for your teammates.


  • Bullet Storm: Your enemy suppression ability is significantly increased.
  • Focused Fire: Once they’re fully suppressed your enemies will be automatically spotted.

Remember, Battlefield V is still in development and all game features may be subject to change. Battlefield V is now available for pre-order on the Microsoft Store. Stay tuned to Xbox Wire for the latest news and information for all things Xbox.