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All-Star Fruit Racing: From Humble Beginnings to a Juicy Launch on Xbox One

With this very first title from 3DClouds, our intent was to make a kart racing game for the most powerful consoles in the world and give all the players the chance to play a kart racing game on any kind of current generation console.

We wanted to make All-Star Fruit Racing “easy to learn but hard to master.” It’s all about the Juicer, the liquidizer positioned on the back of your kart, with four separate tanks that you fill by collecting specific fruits. With a full tank you can unleash a power move to gain an advantage over your opponents. With two or more tanks you can choose to use a combo—the more full tanks the stronger the combo. With four full tanks, you can unlock a unique special power move. Use this power move strategically and you can turn a race on its head.

All-Star Fruit Racing Screenshot

First-time players can choose from five pilots, and then unlock up to 17 more by progressing through career mode. The game begins with a championship encompassing four islands with one track per island. Complete these championships to unlock a 5th island with five new tracks. Each island has its own geographical and weather theme, while the fifth island is special and contains everything from the moon to sub-aqua racing.

We played every kart game under the sun to research ASFR, and knew we were on the right track when we landed on our aesthetic goals of colorful/fun/cute/crazy/strategy. We also wanted to put a non-intrusive educational element into the game and fruit allowed us to do this perfectly.

All-Star Fruit Racing Screenshot

Using fruit as the inspiration for our design gave us plenty of creative freedom to develop the ASFR world of five wild islands, from lemon suns to cherry themed racing drivers and lots more. Whether dodging coconut bowling balls or avoiding hungry dinosaurs racing on the moon, All-Star Fruit Racing is the ultimate kart racing video game, inspired by all predecessors, but kicking it up with more fun, madness, strategy, and story than ever before.