Pinball FX3 Williams Pinball Small Image

Pinball FX3 Welcomes Williams Pinball: Volume 1 and a New Free Table

We at Zen Studios are excited to welcome tables from the iconic Williams and Bally collection to our Pinball FX3 library, live now! The release of Williams Pinball Volume 1 is significant, as this new three-pack represents Zen’s first true digital simulations of real pinball machines – specifically, Medieval Madness, Junk Yard, and The Getaway: High Speed II. We’ve even added Fish Tales as a free download for all players – all you need is Pinball FX3, itself a free download.

In addition to the classic true-to-form simulations, Williams Pinball: Volume 1 also includes remastered versions of the classic tables at no additional cost. This means bringing the “toys” on each machine to life as 3D interactive characters, side wall art, ball trailer effects, particle effects and more!

Pinball FX3 Williams Pinball Medieval Madnes

I don’t know about you, but I’m most excited about the Medieval Madness table. On the quest to restore order to the land, I get to go head to head with the King of Payne, destroying castles with the flick of a flipper. And in the remastered version, the catapult joins the siege as a 3D animation, just as the dragon comes to life in full force – fire-breathing included.

You’ll find the same fantastic remastered additions in the rest of the tables as well. We’ve added 10 3D objects to Junk Yard, making things messier than ever. The Getaway: High Speed II features an animated policeman and police car giving life to the thrill of the chase. Even our free gift to you, Fish Tales, features a 3D-animated fisherman who actually catches fish from across the pinball table!

Pinball FX3 Williams Pinball Fish Tales

Again, you’ll need to download Pinball FX3 to access this content. As you may know, it’s a free download with more than 60 digital pinball tables available for purchase, from original Zen creations to popular franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, Jurassic World, Back to the Future and Skyrim. We’re beyond excited to have these new simulations (and their remasters!) enter the fray.

For more information about Williams Pinball: Volume 1 visit our blog at and buy it today on the Microsoft Store.