Xbox Insider Team Lineup

Meet the Xbox Insider Team… as Avatars!

Not only has the Xbox Insider Team helped share and gather feedback on the updated Xbox Avatar Editor and experience throughout 1810, but as individuals, we’ve been excited to create our own Avatars! Now that most of our community has had the chance to take the Xbox Avatar Editor for a spin, we wanted to unveil our own Avatars so you can get to know the team a bit better.

Get a glimpse of our personal style below and learn what some of the members of the team do to keep the lights on.


Alan Avatar

Alan, Software Developer – I work as a software developer on the Xbox Insider Hub app and services.

Anna Avatar

Anna, Software Developer – I help create and maintain the services that support the Xbox Insider Program.

Ashley Avatar

Ashley, Xbox Program Manager – I work with game studios to get their awesome games in front of Xbox Insiders, so Insiders can provide feedback and studios can make those games even more epic before release!

Austin Avatar

Austin, Xbox Program Manager – I work on the Xbox OS side of the Insider program, monitoring feedback and troubleshooting issues with the Xbox One console releases.

Brad Avatar

Bradley, Xbox Insider Team Lead – I am a Program Manager responsible for Platform and Hardware Previews. Essentially, this means my team and I provide users with early access to system updates and features.

Chad Avatar

Chad, Software Developer – I’m one of the engineers working on the Xbox Insider Program. I help to build the experiences in the Xbox Insider Hub and the supporting services. If you ever get stuck in a ‘pending’ state while trying to join some insider content; that’s my fault. But we’re working on it. ?

David Avatar

David, Xbox Program Manager – I’m a gamer dad in my off hours and a PM on the Xbox Insider Team with a focus on content, community, and quality during the work day. I work alongside a team of awesome developers to build the Xbox Insider Hub, and in addition, I manage the r/XboxInsiders subreddit with a dedicated group of volunteers and community builders.

Don Avatar

Don, Xbox Program Manager – I work with Game Studios to flight their titles through the Xbox Insider Program!

Donovan Avatar

Donovan, Xbox Program Manager – I help identify bugs and trending issues provided by our Xbox Insiders to ensure top quality throughout the Xbox experience. I also assist with system updates and Windows gaming feedback.

John Avatar

John, Software Developer – Programmer man. Also responsible for feeding the hamsters that power our servers.

Jon Avatar

Jon, Xbox Program Manager – I help with Xbox One System Update Feedback and with Idea Drives found on the Xbox Ideas website.

Kendrick, Xbox Program Manager – I’m a Program Manager on the Xbox Insider Team and work on the “Report a problem” tool and future innovations to make the program even better.

Leland Avatar

Leland, Xbox Program Manager – I spend most of my time thinking up ways to get the things you tell us to the right people, faster. I’m also pretty handy with a color wheel.

Robert Avatar

Robert, Xbox Program Manager – I help organize game and app playtests and also assist with triaging bugs related to the Xbox Insider Hub, making sure that the app runs as expected.

Sally Avatar

Sally, Xbox Program Manager – I work on publishing tools to help improve upon the Xbox Insider experience.

Savannah Avatar

Savannah, Xbox Program Manager – I work closely with Brad to ensure system updates and new features are available to our Xbox Insiders in a way that allows them provide feedback as early as possible. From there, I help communicate that feedback and more internally to our partners across Team Xbox and also externally via the Xbox Insider Blog.

Scott Avatar

Scott, Xbox Program Manager – Salutations! I’m Scott AKA BroHammersley. I’ve been a program manager on the Xbox Insider team for more than 4 years and had several jobs (providing support on the forums, triaging bugs, writing announcements and release notes, etc.). These days I mostly help publishers and developers bring their games and apps to the Xbox Insider Program, but I do a bit of everything. You’ll also sometimes find me posting in the Xbox Insider subreddit or Xbox Insider Club (as BroHammersley).

Todd Avatar

Todd, Director of Xbox Flighting –  I get to work with an awesome group of people that are extremely customer and quality focused.  We work across Team Xbox and our Game Studio partners to drive engineering actionable feedback into Xbox One, Games, and other Xbox experiences, like Xbox Avatars.  Most of all, I am thankful for all of the great Xbox Insiders around the world that share our team’s passion for gaming and continuous improvement.