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A Guide to Weapon Specializations in Battlefield V

The weapons of Battlefield V are powerful, deadly, and adjustable. You read that right; you can modify your primary weapons by using them in battle and spending the in-game currency you’ll earn by playing the game. Want more accuracy when you’re lining up your next target? How about a faster hipshot in the thick of battle? We call those kinds of modifications Specializations, and they give you a variety of ways to specialize each of your primary weapons to best suit your playstyle.

Specializations Are Not a One-Way Street

Modifying your weapons is more about the journey than the destination. Specializations aren’t necessarily an endpoint, though some players may treat them that way. You can always go back and try different setups and take on fresh challenges when your weapon is fully specialized.

What About New Players?

Don’t worry if you’re coming into the game a little later; you’ve still got a good shot at both surviving and thriving in this system. There are four starter weapons (one per class) with Specializations already unlocked, though they will initially be on Rank 0. Use any of them on the front lines and at Rank 4 you can re-spec them however you want.

Battlefield V EMD Spec Tree

Weapon Specializations in Action

Let’s walk you through an actual Specialization tree for a specific weapon, in this case, the EMP. This submachine gun is perfect for close-range combat and comes with eight different Specializations and eight Specialization tree paths. Each choice you make will have pros and cons, and choosing one means you don’t get the benefits of another. But, again, nothing’s written in stone, and when your weapon is fully specialized, you can always go back and make changes if you want to.

So, what are some of the options you have for the EMP? Here are the kinds of trade-offs you’ll need to make: 

Specialization Path One Specialization Path Two
Slings and Swivels: Allows swapping to your EMP or sidearm faster. Don’t have time to reload? No problem. And you can shoot sooner after sprinting. Quick Aim: Zoom in faster when aiming down the sight. In a firefight, even a millisecond or two can make all the difference.
Enhanced Grips: Improves your base accuracy when firing without taking careful aim and gives you 33% better range. Custom Stock: Stay on target by reducing bullet spread by 33%.
Polished Action: Decreases your hip fire inaccuracy by about 40%. Great for those who like to shoot first and ask questions later. Lightened Stock: While aiming you can move 60% quicker. Makes shooting from behind cover or around a corner way faster.
Recoil Buffer: Diminishes vertical recoil by about 20% to keep your weapon steadier, so you end up hitting more than the scenery. Barrel Bedding: Reduces spread by 75% when aiming, letting you line up a headshot (or two).

It’s up to you if you want to go all-in on one Specialization path or sample some of both, as you work your way through the unlocks.

Specializations are Just the Beginning

So, what happens when you’ve climbed your Specialization tree branch to the top and mastered your weapon? As we mentioned before, you can always re-spec to try new combinations. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and find other, different ways to achieve your Battlefield V goals.

In addition, you can also take on weapon-specific Special Assignments. These become available when the Specialization tree is completed. In-game challenges, Special Assignments help you unlock unique vanity items for that weapon. You can really go for the gold with these challenges.

Remember, Battlefield V is still in development and all game features may be subject to change. Battlefield V is now available for pre-order on the Microsoft Store. Stay tuned to Xbox Wire for the latest news and information for all things Xbox.