Game Pass

A Message from the Game Pass Team

I know for certain I’ve written this before, but the Xbox Insider Team is committed to bringing your ideas and feedback to life. The Xbox Ideas website is one of the most recent methods for gathering your insight and ideas for brand new features or important iterations on existing features. We’ve seen a lot of great requests here, but we’re always looking for more. In fact, we’ve even got a quick message from Jiunwei, an Engineering Lead for Game Pass, who wants to hear from you on how to grow Xbox Game Pass on console and mobile:

“The Game Pass team is always eager to hear from our subscribers and get their ideas on how we can make Game Pass even better! The Xbox Idea Drive has been very useful in giving us ideas on what to work on next. It also helps validate many of the things we’re already working on! So, when we announce the ‘next big thing,’ we’ll have confidence that our customers are going to be genuinely excited for it!” – Jiunwei, Xbox Game Pass Engineering Lead

If you have some time this week, why not check out the Xbox Game Pass Idea Drive? Jiunwei and the Xbox Game Pass team are keeping an eye on the forum (and our subreddit!) so let them know how they can continue improving upon Xbox Game Pass!