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Halloween Comes to Kingdom: New Lands

Things are about to get spookier in Kingdom: New Lands as Halloween descends upon us. In the spirit of trick or treat, you might notice an evil grin on the moon during night time and haunted mansions in the far distance across the islands of Kingdom. Even the greedy creatures are dressed up in pumpkin masks, but they won’t be bribed with candy — they want your coins and crown.

For Halloween, you’re able to find a spooky horse wandering about. What does this cursed steed offer besides spreading horror to your loyal subjects? Kingdom has always been about exploration, discovery, and survival, so I don’t want to reveal all details.

Kingdom New Lands

Part of Kingdom’s experience is to figure out how you build up your Kingdom and manage it. As you expand and explore you understand how the world works and can be ruled effectively. In this journey, you’ll get to see different seasons and environment that evoke emotions of tranquillity and melancholy along the frantic nights when the greedy creatures appear.

I hope you’ll enjoy Halloween in Kingdom: New Lands. If you survive the horrors (and sugar rush after trick and treating), we’ll have more news on the sequel Kingdom Two Crowns in November. Besides new mounts like the mighty griffon, a brand-new campaign mode and local or online drop-in/drop-out co-op, we have still have a couple of surprises up our sleeves…