ID@Xbox Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

We’ve been celebrating ID@Xbox’s incredible milestone of releasing 1,000 games through the program and as a special treat, we wanted to share a handful of sneaky in-game Easter eggs you might have missed hidden within your favorite games through the ID@Xbox program. Take a peek below and let us know if you have a favorite Easter egg of your own!

Cuphead – Try to spot the original 12 Street Fighter II characters when battling Ribby and the Croaks!

“The Ribby and Croaks fight is one giant homage to our love of fighting games. Throughout the battle, there’s a visual reference to each of the original 12 Street Fighter II characters. From the top, Ribby and Croaks’ gi colors reference Ryu and Ken. Croaks’ flaming fire flies represent Dhalsim’s yoga fire while Ribby’s spinning hand attack is from E. Honda and the flying boxing gloves are from Balrog.  In phase two, Ribby claps sonic booms like Guile while Croaks’ spinning is a nod to Zangief’s lariat. When the frogs combine, Ribby rolls into Croaks like Blanka to start phase three. As the slot machine, the snake, tiger, and bull icons denote Vega, Sagat, and M.Bison, while the spiked drums resemble Chun Li’s bracelets.”

Maja Moldenhauer, StudioMDHR

SpeedRunners & No Time to Explain – Can you guess what crossover ties both of these games together?

“There is a fun crossover Easter egg between No Time to Explain and SpeedRunners. The Shark Boss from No Time to Explain has a ship called “SS Royale” in the background. This is the same ship name as in the SpeedRunners level “SS Royale” that takes place on a ship!”

– Alex Nichiporchik, tinyBuild 

Human: Fall Flat – Have you discovered the secret hidden in the Aztec ruins?

“There are countless ways to traverse the weird and wonderful dreamscapes of Human: Fall Flat. Each level’s physics-based puzzles can be solved any way you see fit, and with up to eight players flailing across a level together, you’re bound to come across some of the game’s hidden gems!

One of Human: Fall Flat’s most challenging secrets can be found in the Aztec level, a labyrinth of swinging platforms and perilous walkways reserved only for the most seasoned of Bobs. Once you’ve made your way across the level’s first platform and into the Aztec ruins, ignore the huge opening teasing you forward and turn around. Climb up the cage behind you and use the box above it to access a narrow grass path. Carefully climb to its peak and your reward will be a literal nest of colorful Easter eggs! Pretty clever, huh? Good luck, fellow humans!”

– Jack Gosling, Curve Digital

In case you missed it – we shared some of the Xbox team’s favorite ID@Xbox memories earlier this week, as well as favorite moments shared by our friends across the industry. What’s your favorite ID@Xbox moment? Give us a Tweet and let us know!