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Hitman 2 Now Available on Xbox One

Agent 47 is back in Hitman 2, and we’re getting ready to celebrate! Hitman 2 is now available around the world for everyone to play.

We’re very happy and excited to release the next adventure for Agent 47, and we’re especially proud to build on the success of our previous game, while also incorporating brand-new, franchise-first features and game modes!

In Hitman 2, we’re taking you around the world to Hawke’s Bay (New Zealand), Miami (Florida/U.S.), Santa Fortuna (Colombia), Mumbai (India), Whittleton Creek (Vermont/U.S.) and the mysterious Isle of Sgàil (North Atlantic). Each new location is hyper-detailed and packed to the brim with opportunities to discover, characters to meet, conversations to overhear, disguises to try on, items to use and accidents to create. Your ultimate goal is to eliminate your targets and get out alive, but there’s so much more to it than that. There are hundreds of challenges, three difficulty levels and of course, the coveted Silent Assassin rating to aim for!

In addition to the deep storyline that delves into Agent 47’s origins, Hitman 2 includes two new multiplayer modes that literally change the way you play the game. First is Sniper Assassin, a mode that is all about the long-range kill. Either solo as Agent 47, or in online co-op as either Stone or Knight (two new ICA operatives), you must take down your targets to earn points, unlock challenges and upgrade your rifle. The Himmelstein map is the first one available and takes place during a wedding in an Austrian mansion.

The other new multiplayer mode is Ghost Mode, a 1-versus-1 competitive mode that puts players in direct competition. You or your opponent need to be the first to earn five target kills, making sure that you pull off the kill without anyone seeing it happen. The cool thing about Ghost Mode is that you and your friend are in different realities, which means you’re in control of everything that happens in your game. If your opponent gets into a gun fight, that doesn’t affect you. However, we do have Ghost coins that allow you to interact with your opponent’s reality, as well as your own.

It’s a fun, sometimes frantic mode that has a very different ‘feel’ to the campaign missions, Sniper Assassin maps and the free live content, such as Elusive Targets – which are coming back by the way!

We’ve got big, ambitious plans for our post-launch live content and proof of that is the first Elusive Target arriving on November 20, starring Sean Bean. Once this mission is live, you’ll have to take out Mark Faba, a former MI5 agent turned freelance assassin, before he can complete a contract at the Global Innovation Race event in Miami. Entitled The Undying, this Elusive Target will run for 14 days so be sure not to miss out! And just by playing the mission, you’ll unlock the Explosive Pen, which is as awesome as it sounds.

It’s a very proud moment for the entire IO Interactive team to release Hitman 2 and put it into the hands of our players for the first time. We’ve come a long way to release the game and, in many ways, we’re just getting started!

We’ll see you online.