Youtubers Life OMG Edition

Beginner’s Guide to Youtubers Life OMG Edition

Hello everyone! We’re really happy because, after a long time, Youtubers Life OMG Edition is about to land on Xbox One.

When we started developing Youtubers Life, we knew we had to step up and improve the original formula. Thanks to the massive community feedback, we added new features added and vastly improved the GUI and controls, adapting them to PAD gameplay, all of this supported by tons of visual and playability improvements that make Youtubers Life OMG Edition the much-deserved version that our fans demanded.

Youtubers live exciting but demanding lives, that’s why we’d like to share some tips with you to successfully tackle your path to fame in this refined version of the game. Youtubers Life OMG Edition mixes tycoon and life sim genres where managing time, your subscribers wishes, and your own needs are key to achieve success.

Youtubers Life OMG Edition

One of your firsts decisions to make will be choosing your channel theme. You can talk about games and visit a gaming conference, or share songs and play shows, or create new recipes and display your culinary abilities in gastronomy competitions. Each channel has its own nuances, mini-games and missions, providing great replayability value.

As every aspiring Youtuber, you’ll start at your mom’s house (we don’t know about your father yet) being a complete unknown who makes videos for fun. In the beginning, uploading videos won’t be a great source of income, at least until you manage to grow your subscriber count… We recommend looking for temp work or taking commissions from people you can find at the disco or the cinema. There are lots of people willing to pay good money to unload video-making work!

In Youtubers Life OMG Edition we wanted to delve into the romanticized view of the fan-driven Youtuber. Now, you need to really take care of your followers by publishing social network content, attending events, uploading daily videos… so much stress! Fortunately, your collaborators can help you make videos, frequently uploading them to your channel. You can even record your experiences while attending events and upload those videos, your fans will love that!

Youtubers Life OMG Edition

When you’re done with your mom’s house internet connection speed (which takes ages to upload a single video), you’ll know the moment of moving with a friend has arrived, but be advised: your expenses will skyrocket! Be careful or you’ll end up living under a bridge! Before moving, save some money, improve your PC and take care of your friends. Don’t be in a hurry to move houses, although you’ll eventually need to change if you want your channel to grow – you’ll be happy to find out that each new house comes with its perks.

Reaching success in Youtubers Life OMG Edition is totally dependent on the decisions you make and improve by uploading videos and gaining subscribers. Adapt your play style thanks to the talent tree present on each type of channel, try different video types to get attention and accept commissioned work from commercial brands to earn big money! But be careful, your fans will get angry if you rely too much on paid work. You get to decide how to enjoy this highly-replayable and full of possibilities experience.

We believe Youtubers Life OMG Edition will be equally loved by those who have already played the game and those who were patiently waiting for release on Xbox One. We’re eager for all our fans to test this much-improved version, and we want you all to share your feedback with us! Vast is the Youtuber world and we want to keep working to offer the best and closest experience to what it means being an Internet celebrity.