No Mans Sky - Visions Small Image

Venture to Vibrant New Planets in the Visions Update for No Man’s Sky

Hello everyone! We’re excited to share with you a new update to No Man’s Sky: Visions. This will be version 1.75, releasing free for Xbox One on November 22.

Visions is all about bringing the same sense of variety to the surface of alien planets as our previous update, The Abyss, brought to the oceans. Step into a reimagined set of sci-fi inspired landscapes, rich with exotic new worlds, strange lifeforms, more vibrant and diverse color palettes, and new ways to make your fortune.

No Mans Sky - Visions

Explorers will be able discover this universe together in a new Community Research mission, where everyone will work together to unlock a new set of rewards. These include the new Eye of the Korvax helmet, more gestures and building parts, and deployable fireworks to light up the skies!

Those who prefer to fly solo will find plenty of other reasons to explore. Throughout the universe, exotic anomalous planets have become easier to find as well as more varied. These strange worlds are inhabited by curious new lifeforms – some harmless, others predatory, all never seen before. Navigate your way around these otherworldly places to discover rare and mysterious artifacts, ready to be brought home to your base as trophies.

No Mans Sky - Visions

Archaeologists will also be able to unearth valuable alien skeletons, and scrappers can salvage the broken remains of alien satellites. But be careful – planets also now contain a greater variety of hazardous flora. Watch your step lest you stumble into a carnivorous plant or a giant gas spore.

The most rugged of explorers may also wish to venture to extreme planets, and brave the hostile weather there to collect precious, luminescent storm crystals. And keep an eye out for apparently ordinary minerals – they may surprise you by revealing themselves to be mobile…

No Mans Sky - Visions

Aesthetically, the whole universe is more vibrant than ever, with the addition of new colour palettes for skies, grass, and water, as well as improved atmospherics and rainbows to enhance the skies.

Visions is coming out in time for Thanksgiving, and we have a lot to be thankful for. This has been a milestone year in the No Man’s Sky journey, with the release of Next, The Abyss, Visions, and bringing all this to the Xbox One community. We’re grateful for the support and passion of the players, and these ongoing free updates are a little show of gratitude from us.

We were delighted to be nominated for “Best Ongoing Game” for The Game Awards – alongside some games we are in awe of. No Man’s Sky has probably changed more than any game since its initial release, and we don’t plan to finish evolving its vast universe any time soon!