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Press Space to Invade – X-Morph: Defense Supports Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox One

Hello, Xbox fans!

Over the course of this year, we have released multiple expansions to X-Morph: Defense. The storyline has reached its conclusion, but we have not stopped working on the game. As of today, we are excited to announce that X-Morph: Defense now officially supports keyboard and mouse input on Xbox One.

One of the challenges the developers have to face is designing a control scheme that will be both convenient and functional. There are many things to take into account, including the genre. There is no denying that some of them seem more suited for K&M than others. Strategy is one of those genres, and since X-Morph: Defense has a lot of strategy elements to it, we were happy to give our players an alternative control scheme.

X-Morph Defense - Euro Assault

Since the game was developed for PC, as well as Xbox One, we already had the controls ready. We only needed to work out the technicalities. Now, with just a click of a button on the desired controller, the game automatically recognizes which input device it has to use. This way, you can switch between the control schemes on the go, as you see fit.

An additional perk of using the keyboard and mouse combo is the unlocked crosshair. You can freely aim all over the screen and even bombard your enemies from across the screen, as long as there’s nothing in the way. You also do not have to move your ship to place additional defense towers, which results in greater flexibility.

X-Morph Defense Screenshot

With that being said, we do not plan to introduce separate leaderboards for the gamepad users and the mice users. Our implementation allows players to seamlessly switch between these input types at any moment without any restrictions. Furthermore, while playing in co-op mode one player can use K&M while the other one plays on a gamepad. Separating gameplay results based on input type would require us to lock down the selected controller type for the duration of a gameplay session, sowe think that restricting players for this specific game and experience is not the way to go. Both of these groups have coexisted on our PC leaderboards peacefully since the release of X-Morph: Defense, so we’ve decided against separating them.

We hope this update will enable you to enjoy our game in a new way. Perhaps you’ll finally beat your highest scores, or discover new strategies? The leaderboards are yours to take over.