Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek Small Image

Behind the Doors of Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek, Available Now on Xbox One

In Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek we wanted to explore the story of events that lead up directly to the original game. I know all of you had questions on what exactly happened, and why the Neighbor is the way he is. This is a very dramatic prequel, and some of you may need to take a moment to digest what happens here. I won’t spoil anything, that is up to you to experience.

So let’s talk about the game. It’s a story of two kids — the Neighbor’s kids. They have their favorite game – Hide and Seek. They constantly play around the house. And being a Hello Neighbor game, it dives deep into the imagination of children. From a real-world perspective, they’re just playing a game. From the kids’ perspective, they’re creating whole imaginary worlds.

Where things get a little bit darker — as you’ve seen in the reveal trailer — is when a tragic event strikes the family. And how kids deal with this event and cope with the loss of a family member. This coping is the core of Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek.

From a gameplay perspective, you play as Mya, the Neighbor’s daughter. Your best friend is your brother Aaron, and you play an exciting game of Hide and Seek with him and your favorite toys.

Here’s what to expect from Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek: Five fantasy worlds where you become a hunter in the wilderness, a firefighter, and more. An advanced self-learning AI, tons of interactive environments, and narrative-driven gameplay.

With the game available today on Xbox One, I’m really excited to expand the game’s world of Hello Neighbor with this dramatic prequel.

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek is available now on Xbox One via the Microsoft Store and is part of the ID@Xbox Winter of Arcade event.