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Discover the World of Anthem on Xbox One

Greetings, Freelancers!

We know you’re itching to suit up in your Javelin for the first time and set out to make a name for yourself in Anthem on Xbox One. And while we wait patiently (or impatiently) for February 22 — or February 15 for EA Access members — let’s go over some of the awesome new content we’ve shown off.

First things first: you should watch that trailer at the top of this article. You may have already seen it when it launched during The Game Awards, but it’s worth watching again. It brings the history of Anthem to life with just a hint of the looming enemy that threatens to upend the uneasy balance of this dangerous world.

But there’s even more to discover in Anthem.


The Javelins

These are the amazing suits of powered armor that you’ll use to run, jump, fly, swim, and fight your way through the world. Your Javelins are highly customizable and incredibly powerful, allowing you to build out your weapons and gear to develop your own unique playstyle. The Ranger is a versatile Javelin that has a lot of firepower without sacrificing mobility or defense and excels at precision damage-dealing.

The Colossus has a much heavier chassis which allows it to take more punishment from enemies and carry two heavy weapon types that the other javelins don’t have access to. The mighty Storm prefers to hover above the battlefield, using the powerful seal technology embedded in its armor to rain destruction down on enemies from a safe distance. The Interceptor is the fastest javelin, with access to dual-bladed daggers that can cut down foes before they have a chance to react.

Each Javelin has access to powerful weaponry and their own unique gear, along with their melee and ultimate abilities. And speaking of ultimates…


The Ultimates

Each Javelin has its own devastating ultimate ability, which it can fire off for a decisive turn in any battle. These abilities take a while to recharge, so it’s important for Freelancers to master the exact moment of maximum impact. The Ranger uses a powerful Multi-target Missile Battery that can lock on to several fast-moving targets and clear them out quickly. The Colossus wields a Siege Cannon that fires off shots that explode for massive damage. The Storm channels the power of the Anthem into an Elemental Storm that uses ice, fire, and lightning to lock down and destroy enemies. The Interceptor unleashes its Assassin’s Blades, dashing around the battlefield and annihilating anything in its way.

Developer AMAAAA and Livestreams

BioWare is committed to making sure that players get a great sense of what Anthem is, and to that end, they’ve been doing some truly incredible things. One of which has been Executive Producer Mark Darrah’s extensive AMAAAA (Ask Me Almost Anything About Anthem), where he fields questions on his Twitter account, @biomarkdarrah. You can head over to our wrap-up article for the latest, or just visit Mark’s twitter for more information.


We’ve also put together livestreams to more deeply explore some of the aspects of the game that the community has wanted to see. From Freeplay, which allows you to freely roam in the Anthem world, to Javelin Customization, these livestreams have shown off some amazing content so check out Anthem’s official Twitch channel at

These are focused looks at Anthem, so if you need a more general refresher check out this hands-on look.

We’re excited to share even more about this beautiful and deadly world and the Freelancers who are tasked with protecting humanity.

Pre-order Anthem on Xbox One to get ready for launch on February 22, 2019; February 15, 2019 for EA Access members.