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Realm Royale Enters Closed Beta on Xbox One with Founder’s Pack Launch

Heroic Leap Games is proud to announce the next phase of our fantasy battle royale game — Realm Royale is now in closed beta on Xbox One. We’ve been hard at work bringing the game to Xbox One, and we’re excited for players to dive into our closed beta for a firsthand look at the fresh spin on the battle royale experience that we’ve crafted.

We think that Realm looks and plays great on Xbox One, so we feel that fans anticipating our launch since it was announced this past Summer will agree that it was worth the wait. If you’re just hearing about Realm Royale for the first time, we hope that you’ll join us as we continue to work hard to create the best battle royale experience possible on Xbox One.

Featuring versatile class-based gameplay and craftable gear and abilities, Realm Royale plunges players into fast-paced battle royale gameplay in a unique fantasy setting. This realm wasn’t just meant to be explored on foot – summon a trusty steed and mount up to explore the world, as well as riding into (or away from!) combat in style.

Compete with up to 99 other players in solo mode, or team up with friends to engage in duo or squad combat. Triumph over your adversaries in the realm to win a coveted Crown Royale victory!

Xbox One owners can gain immediate access to the Realm Royale closed beta by purchasing the Realm Royale Founder’s Pack, which also features an exclusive character skin, mount skin, emote, and more. Full details here on Microsoft Store.

We’ll have more information to share on Realm Royale soon, so keep it tuned here to Xbox Wire. For now, we hope to see you in the closed beta!