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The 5 Stages of Overcooked During the Holidays

The holidays are upon us and we’re full of yuletide joy here at Ghost Town Games (Oli’s had his tree up since November). This year we’re thrilled to bring you a little present; just keep your eyes peeled on our social channels in the coming days for all the sweet details!

To help celebrate the occasion, we present to you the 5 stages of Overcooked during the holidays:


Yes, the Mince Pies may be on fire, and the fire extinguisher might have just slipped into the frozen lake, but there’s still plenty of time left on the timer for you and your team to pull together and serve those hungry customers!


Minor crisis averted, time to cook up a new batch of mince pies… only Auntie Linda seems to be cooking up some Hot cocoa, which nobody ordered, Uncle Simon hasn’t washed a single dish like he said he would, and little Cousin Timmy is currently spinning round in circle holding the fire extinguisher @#*%*$!!!!


OK, OK, things maybe things got a little heated just now, but it’s fine, there’s still time on the clock, how’s this for a deal… If everyone just sticks to the plan and we all manage to somehow get through this level, I’ll reward us all with a nice round of tea?


Forget it. Just forget it. The Christmas Pudding is burnt to a crisp, the hot cocoa has boiled over, there’s marshmallows everywhere and no-one seems to have any clue what happened to the can of whipped cream… although Cousin Timmy is looking quite guilty.


Well, maybe things didn’t go quite to plan. Sure, there were a few minor fires, a few people maybe got nudged into the water and maybe some strong words were said in haste. But we learned a lot amidst all the chaos, so perhaps it’s time for a quick regroup, a slight tweak to our strategy and then we hit the retry button.

Merry Christmas everyone,

Ghost Town Games