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Multiplayer Tips for Final Fantasy XV Comrades, Available Now on Xbox One

Rise and shine, Glaives!

New and exciting features have been added to Final Fantasy XV multiplayer: Comrades! Xbox One owners can now enjoy the game separately from Final Fantasy XV and if you already own the Season Pass DLC, we have great news for you: You can download this new experience for free!

For anyone who might be new to the series, Comrades puts you in the boots of a Glaive, a special unit soldier who once served under the Kingdom of Lucis. It is now up to you to help prevent further damage from happening in an apocalyptic event known as the Starscourge.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades

How your character looks is completely up to you! Here are a few tips to help you jump right in:

  • There are secret missions located all over the world map, we encourage you to challenge them! They are activated once you’re matched with other players. It’s as simple as following and checking if the player who was chosen at camp completes and finishes the assigned quest.
  • Acquire electricity (something that’s very important to the story), AP, Gil, and other bonuses once you complete your mission! Keep matching with other players for a whole new Comrades experience.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades

  • Simply strengthening your weapons is not enough. Evolve them to significantly increase the parameters. It will give you a head start in the beginning. Meet the required conditions and speak with Cid to strengthen and evolve your weapons.
  • Master all the extra quests! Meet the required conditions and you’ll be able to challenge the extra quests from the base of operations known as Lestallum. You can battle multiple bosses within the extra quests. Unlock all the extra quests to receive the ultimate reward!
  • There is now an item exchange feature in the game where you will now be able to exchange items for rare treasure and gear!

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades

We are excited to release this all-new content to you. Be sure to show us your Glaives on social media and let us know if you manage to take down some of these new boss challenges!

Final Fantasy XV Comrades is now available for Xbox One via the Microsoft Store. It is free for owners of the Final Fantasy XV Season Pass DLC.