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Xbox Celebrates Your Year in Gaming

This is our favorite time of year when we can all come together and celebrate community shenanigans. We marvel at how one million of you managed to reach the top 10 in a battle royale without panning anyone, just as much as we relish the 3 million of you that forgot that stealth means survival when you’re battling zombies.

A few years ago, we first got the idea that we wanted to do something really special for the community, something only we could provide: a look back at your year of gaming. Ever since then, Xbox Year in Review has become our little holiday tradition for the Xbox community.

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We thought you’d like to see some of the accomplishments that you’ve racked up over the course of the year. And thanks to our team of artists, writers, designers, and analysts, we’re giving you a totally unique story of your year.

From all the leisurely drives through the British countryside to the many exhilarating canon-powered flights over a sea of pirate ships, this is (y)our 2018 Xbox Year in Review.

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