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Arena Brawler Hyper Jam Coming Soon to Xbox One

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re excited to finally announce that our neon-soaked arena brawler Hyper Jam will launch February 12 on Xbox One.

The inspiration for Hyper Jam came from many different sources spanning music, film, art and other games, which have all come together to make the game what it is today. And with its dynamic perk drafting system that makes each match different from the last.

Hyper Jam Screenshot

An example of this is our perk drafting mechanics, which were inspired by games such as Risk of Rain and Binding of Isaac where you never know how your character will end up at the end of each game, which is an element we wanted to explore within the context of competitive multiplayer instead of the usual Rougelite format. As soon as we played our first prototype, we knew we were onto something special!

Other inspirations include the team’s love for Synthwave, which we would often listen to in the office while making our initial prototypes, and eventually became the primary theme of the game. It’s amazing to be able to feature many of the artists we listened to while working on the game as part of the official Hyper Jam soundtrack.

Hyper Jam Screenshot

We are only a small team but have been pouring everything we’ve got into this game over the past few years, transforming Hyper Jam from a humble prototype into a fully-fledged game with cross-platform online multiplayer.

We’re very proud of what we’ve managed to achieve so far and can’t wait for everyone to be able to play Hyper Jam together at last!