TERA - Valkryie Small Image

The Valkyrie Class is Available Now in TERA on Xbox One

Calling all combatants! Starting today, TERA’s already intense action combat is ratcheting up a notch with the release of a new playable class: the valkyrie.

The secret protectors of the castanic race, valkyries have emerged from seclusion to protect the Valkyon Federation at its time of greatest need. With their powerful runeglaives, they chop, stab, spin, and slam opponents, while at the same time branding them with explosive Runemarks.

TERA - Valkryie

Every time one of the valkyrie’s attacks scores a critical hit, it applies a Runemark to the target, and some skills apply 1–3 every time they hit. Once a target has 7, you can use Runeburst to detonate them, damaging all nearby enemies and replenishing your MP at the same time.

If you kill your opponent too soon, don’t worry—just recall any active Runemarks to yourself, and apply them to the next enemy you hit!

TERA - Valkryie

This dance of death has another outcome besides impressive explosions. Damaging your enemies fills up your Ragnarok meter, which powers the apocalyptic skill. This boosts your stats and attack speed, while at the same time reducing skill cooldowns for many of your skills by 60 percent!

All this (and more) is available starting today as a free update for TERA on Xbox One! Log in before Friday, January 25 and you’ll receive a free additional character slot you can use to create a valkyrie, or any one of TERA’s action-packed character classes!