Battlefield V - Chapter 2

New Content, New Battles, and New Rewards Are Yours in Battlefield V

Ready to face intense challenges in Battlefield V? Today’s your lucky day, Tides of War Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes has arrived. What is the Tides of War? It’s the grand journey you and your Company of customized soldiers, weapons, and vehicles take through World War II. Each Chapter introduces additional gameplay, improvements, and battlefields – all entirely free for Battlefield V players. Want to find out more? Read on.

What You Can Play Now

Dive right into weekly events and challenges starting today. They’re a great way to rank up, skill up, and earn rewards. Hit the battlefield regularly to get XP and work towards a unique Chapter rank, then unlock weapons, skins, Company Coin (Battlefield V’s in-game currency), and more. There’s something new to do every week, so don’t miss out.

Battlefield V - Chapter 2

Next, we’re introducing a more intense and fast-paced version of the iconic Conquest mode, called Squad Conquest. This mode will only be available during Chapter 2, so don’t miss out. Two squads per team (16 players total) fight for map domination – defenders must maintain control of all the flags; otherwise, they’ll lose the ability to respawn and risk having their entire team wiped out. Join the battle and discover if you can survive this frenzied experience.

What’s Coming Soon

Looking for a great way to get the hang of Battlefield V combat while your buddies watch your six? The new co-op mode, Combined Arms, lets you squad up with three friends to take on a series of Combat Strike missions across several maps. Set your difficulty level as you attempt a surgical strike on a single objective against a variety of challenging AI opponents. It’s an excellent way for new players to work on their skills and learn how to play each of the Classes, or for vets to challenge themselves on hardcore mode.

Battlefield V - Chapter 2

Then, the ultimate multiplayer experience expands with a historic new Grand Operation. Grand Operations let players join in massive battles across multiple modes, in-game days, and maps. In Chapter 2, it’s May of 1940, and Axis forces are rumbling toward the city of Hannut in Belgium. The might of the fierce Panzer divisions will test the strength and courage of Allied defenses as they attempt to hold their ground. In the end, only one team will be left standing.

What’s Next

Tank drivers may have had the upper hand so far, but Chapter 2 introduces Tank Hunter vehicles like the Mosquito, the Archer Tank, and the Sturmgeschütz. These deadly vehicles will change the balance of power on the battlefield. The hunter will soon become the prey.

Battlefield V - Chapter 2

And Battlefield veterans will be excited to see the return of a classic 16 vs. 16 mode, first introduced in Battlefield: Bad Company. Rush mode is back, but only for a limited time during Lightning Strikes. Attackers must arm bombs with limited respawns to accomplish their mission; meanwhile, defenders have unlimited respawns to try and stop them. It’s challenging, intense, and coming soon to a battlefield near you.

The War Goes On

Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes isn’t the end of your World War II journey, not by a long shot. Your battlefield will continue to evolve over time, introducing new gameplay, new experiences, an expanding world, and game improvements. Don’t miss a single challenge, unlock, or incredible mode – enlist today and start building your Company and leading your squad to victory.

Battlefield V - Chapter 2

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